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Gilmour & Whitehill Church and Hamilton West Church became a linked charge in November 2014 after the retiral of our respective ministers.


History of the churches

Gilmour                                                        Gilmour and Whitehill Church

In June 1877 the then United Presbyterian Church held its first service in a local shop in Burnbank. The church’s first minister, the Rev John Gilmour, was inducted in 1880. The 1900 union resulted in the church becoming Burnbank United Free Church and after the 1929 union it was renamed Gilmour Memorial Church in tribute to its first minister. The year 1956 saw Gilmour Memorial and Whitehill churches linked and in 1971 they were united as Gilmour and Whitehill Parish Church.


Gilmour and Whitehill SanctuaryWhitehill Church building was built in 1946 as a successor to a House Church and held its final service in December 1999. In January 2013 Gilmour and Whitehill Church united with Burnbank Parish Church using Gilmour for services and Burnbank Parish Church was sold to the Coptic Church as a place of worship.


The WestHamilton West Parish Church

The West was founded in 1874 as the Burnbank Mission Station. In 1881 the name was changed to the West Free Church and after the union of 1900 was changed again in 1901 to the West United Free Church. Following the union of 1929, it became the West Parish Church as a new parish of the Church of Scotland.



inside Hamilton west church The present building opened in 1882 under the ministry of the Rev T M B Paterson. It incorporates a fine hammer-beam roof, second only in Scotland to that in the High Court in Edinburgh.


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